suzie petryk

I'm on the job market - looking to start summer 2024!

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I'm a 5th-year Ph.D. student in AI at UC Berkeley, co-advised by Trevor Darrell and Joseph Gonzalez as part of the BAIR and Sky labs. Currently, I'm also a visiting researcher at FAIR within Meta, working with Kate Saenko. Before coming to Berkeley, I obtained my B.S. in computer science at Cornell University.

I work on improving the reliability of vision and language models, such as flagging when multimodal models might be wrong, correcting their outputs, and addressing biases.

Being in tech, I stereotypically enjoy climbing, hiking, and woodworking. In recent years, I've survived a climbing accident, a nighttime bear encounter, and reviewer 2s. These have earned me metal screws in my ankle, a fear of Berkeley's mascot, and the papers below.

Selected Publications